This Mum Runs

History has just been made… Mum and ultra runner#JasminParis has not only won the @montaneofficial Spine Race – 268 miles along the Penine Way – beating the entire field, yep the men too, but she took more than 12 hours off the course record!!! 
To give this some context, she has just run the 268 miles in 83 hours and 12 minutes- 3.5 days with barely a break, and with an elevation the equivalent of 2 x Everests!

The breaks she did take were to eat and to breastfeed her 1 year old. She expressed milk at EVERY SINGLE checkpoint. 
An achievement like this should be on the front pages of every newspaper tomorrow (of course it will barely make a ripple). It is impossible to put into words quite what an absolutely awe-inspiring achievement this is. 

I saw a video of her finishing, and she was totally fine – like she’d just been for a little stroll. And all she wanted was a cuddle with her baby 😍😍 .

Jasmin, we see you and we bow down before you. You are INCREDIBLE!! #thismumruns (err understatement!)