We are always looking for volunteers to help marshal the course during our event.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our event. Each year we have 6 to 8 places available, so if you are interested, please send an email to hello@100milerun.com.

As a volunteer, you will be expected to help man the “half way point” water station and also help steward the 8km course. We may also ask you to help with the general management and running of the event. Don’t worry, we will always be very clear with our instructions and we will never ask you to do something you are not 100% comfortable with! We would normally ask volunteers to work for around 8 hours each day, in 4x two hour shifts with long breaks in-between each shift. You will not be expected to work from midnight to 7am in the morning unless you want to.

If you have any other skills you think are relevant and you are happy to offer your services for free, please let us know. In particular if you are first aid trained, a very good photographer, sports massage qualifications etc.

This can be hard work (especially in bad weather) but you will also have some fun, meet some amazing people, see some beautiful countryside and play your part in helping participants get to the finish line. We work hard on generating a fantastic atmosphere during the event, and we promise that while you are watching these runners cross the finish line at 12 noon on Sunday you will feel a sense of pride in helping them achieve their goals. If you would like to volunteer, or have any further questions, please email hello@100milerun.com.