The following reviews / comments were posted by participants of our 2018 Henley 24 Hour Race on our Facebook page and email system on the days following the event. If you would like to visit the actual Facebook page to see them for yourself, please click here.


Hello guys and girls!
Thank you for the most amazing and difficult weekend I’ve ever had! Before entering Henley 24 hours as a solo runner I had only competitively ran half marathon’s! I managed to complete 14 laps before my knee finally gave up and I couldn’t put pressure on it. The course was amazing and the entire event well organised by some of the kindest and friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting! I look forward to seeing you all soon at future events and with a little more luck I’ll be able to get even further! Keep up the good work with the events! Adam – 30.
P.s. When I checked at about 7pm Saturday I had the quickest solo male lap time, did I manage to keep that title? ……. Adam


Hey guys, thank you for this weekend, this is probably the most organised event I’ve ever took part in and you guys looked after every single one of us, I’ve loved seeing you all on every check point! Lol x ……Amy


hi.  I thought I would drop you a message. great event yesterday. my medal and my bib are now on my private wall of fame. not the prettiest bling but definitely a medal that I am most proud of……Kamil