We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you if you’re planning on attending our event. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run for Charity or run in fancy dress?

Yes please! We are very happy for you to run for a charity and will actively encourage this. We leave it for you to raise money for your individual charity and will not impose any minimum levels etc. Once you have finished the event, you can pass the money you raised directly to your charity so we are not involved in handling your raised funds at all. We are happy for you to run in fancy dress, or if you want to carry a ladder or walk the course on your hands we will do the very best we can to accommodate you. Please let us know about your fund raising efforts, we do try and keep a rough tally as to how much is raised during one of our events.

Can my friends and family come and watch?

Yes. Temple Island Meadows is open to the public during daylight hours so your friends and family can come along and visit the runners village but they will ONLY be allowed in the camping area and they are ONLY allowed to camp overnight if they buy a “Friends & Family Camping Ticket”. We have a responsibility to adhere to our event licence and insurance which restricts the number of people staying overnight on our camp-grounds. There are a few “friends and family camping spots” available at £20 per adult (children under 16 are free) but these are only for sale to people who have registered for the event. Please email us immediately after booking your place if you would like to take advantage of one or more these places. We only have 250 places available, so these will be sold on a first come first served basis. Henley is a large town with a number hotels and B&Bs if you would like your friends and family to stay nearby.

Do you offer pre-pitched camping and “Glamping”?

Yes, our friends at Pillow offer pre-pitched tents, so when you arrive at our camp-site your tent will already be pre-pitched, just bring along your own airbeds and sleeping bag. Pillow can provide you with good quality (you can use them to just below freezing temperature) sleeping bags for £25 each and they are yours to keep and take home afterwards. They also offer glamping tents with duvets, rugs, lamps and table and chairs. Please click here for more information and to visit their website.

Can I bring my children to watch?

Children are welcome to come and watch and support you during daylight hours, but every child must be with a responsible adult at all times. You cannot leave your children unattended while you “do your lap”.

Will I be able to park my car at the event?

We are organizing Official Henley Running Festival event parking onsite. Parking is included in your price. Please note that there will be no vehicle movements allowed between the hours of 11pm and 6am, without strict permission from the event managers.  You can park next to your tent, and with your team mates, so you can create a great festival atmosphere for your group!

What will happen when I arrive at the event?

On arrival, we will quickly direct you to the official campsite which is close to the Runner’s Village and amenities. Once you have parked your car you will be able to pitch your tent and have access to the amenities, and Runner’s Village. You will also be able to send your team captain to complete registration on behalf of your team, make sure he or she has the entire teams signed disclaimers with them for registration.

Once we have arrived at the event, how do we register our team?

Registration will take place from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on Friday evening, and 9:00 am to 11:00 am on Saturday morning. Registration will re-open 8am to 9am on Sunday morning for registration of the Sunday events. If you are running as a team, please send only 1 team member (team captain) up to the registration tent, make sure you have the entire teams signed disclaimers with you for registration. Here you will receive your running numbers, your electronic chips, your team baton and event information etc.

What are the courses like?

The circuit for the 24 Hour Race, 12 Hour Race and 8km Race is 8km long and you will be running through the beautiful Temple Island Meadows and surrounding land.  Leaving the start line, heading out of the runners village you’ll run along the low field, before the climb to the top. Giving fantastic panoramic views of Henley and the surrounding countryside. From here its back into the woods for a short while before the decent down across the open land to the river. The last few km’s are spent running along the riverside, providing impressive views of Temple Island, the start of the Royal Regatta, the final stage before looping back around into the runners village. The 5km route and the 1km Kids route will be based around the river itself and will be a shorter loop within the 8km loop.  Please note, children under 10 will need to be accompanied by an adult on this run, but the adult runs for free.  Please keep this in mind when you are packing your running shoes – spikes are not recommended because of the short concrete path section, but bear in mind it could get muddy or slippery.

If I have a problem on the course, will there be medical support?

Yes, there will be a team of fully qualified medics on site to handle any medical emergencies. There will be a stationary First Aid point at the main Runner’s Village area that you can visit if you have any medical issues or queries while off the circuit. If you have any problems while out racing, we will also have mobile first-aid responders. If you need help, just let an event marshal know, and they will be able to radio the First Aid team for help.

For the 24 and 12 Hour Races – can the strongest team members run more laps than their team-mates?

Each runner will have to complete a minimum of one lap over the race period. If a registered team member does not run a lap of the course, the team will not qualify to win. There is no maximum amount of laps – in fact the more you do the better! Each lap will be 8km long and you can choose to run more than one lap at a time if you wish, so yes, the stronger members can run more if you like – that’s up to your team to decide on the tactics you want to use, as long as every team member completes a lap.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RUN 100 MILES!!!

What can I do when I am not running?

There will be a large area at the start and finish line which will have food and drink outlets, a licenced bar, a merchandise shop and live entertainment into the evenings.

Can I bring my Camper Van?

Yes! No problem, but please note, we have no electric or water hook-up or cess pit faciilities, so you are completely stand-alone!

What is the campsite like?

The campsite will be a large flat grass area and you can choose where to pitch your tent. This area will be away from the start / finish line and the runners village. The campsite will have temporary toilets and showers.