Race Maps

We have produced an overall map for you so you can see the full distance you will be travelling….please remember, part of this challenge is to navigate yourself. In our opinion, the best small book out there to help you navigate the route is the Trailblazer Cotswold Way (ISBN 978-1-905864-48-5), but this is not a necessity, the trail is extremely well marked, and where there can be any doubt we will inform you at the start of each day.

Getting to the event……

If you are joining us for the 4 day event, the simplest way for you to join us at this event is to get yourself to Bath before 7am on the morning of the start of the event.  There are excellent long stay parking options online (look at visitbath.co.uk), and some hotels will allow you to leave your car with them if you book for the night before and the night after the race.  Public transport links are also excellent to Bath.  

Then simply meet us at Riverside Coach park (see the map below) and hop on your chosen executive coach for the free transfer up to the start line.

If you are joining us for the 2 day event, or if you don’t want to join the coach in Bath, please meet us at Chipping Campden. If you’re on the 2 day event you’ll need to meet us at 7am for registration, or between 9-11am if you’re on the 4 day event. However, please be aware that public transport links to and from Chipping Campden are sparse.  We’ve included a map below of the registration location and the start line.