Please Note – Accommodation before and after the event is NOT included.

All accommodation during the event will be camping at our runner’s villages. These campsites will have toilets, hot showers and nightly entertainment. There will also be food and drink included each morning and evening, and sports massage and ice baths for participants use.

Option One – Bring your own tent and put it up yourself

If you want to bring your own tent, and put it up yourself and take it down yourself, that’s fine. As long as the tent is a reasonable size for the amount of people using it (i.e. don’t bring an 8 man tent for 1 person). Your camping fees are included and we will transport your tent from campsite to campsite for you. All you need to do is drop off your packed tent each morning at the luggage point, and it will be ready for you to collect that night at the next campsite. All camping Fees are included in your entry fee.

Option Two – Book a pre-pitched tent

You can book a pre-erected tent. We have teamed up with a local camping company and they will have a tent ready for you at each campsite. When you arrive at our runners village, you will be shown to your tent which has your race number attached, simple as that. This service costs £199 per tent for all three nights, but you still need to bring your own airbed, sleeping bag and pillow. There is a maximum of 2x people per tent, the tents are not big enough for any more!

Option Three – Book a “Glamping” or VIP Tent with everything!

OK, if you don’t like camping, this could be the option for you. Imagine a fully fitted-out 4 meter bell tent, with single airbed, fitted sheets, duvet, duvet cover, rug, blanket, electric light all included. This is luxury camping at its best. This service costs £409 per tent for all three nights, but for a maximum of 2x people per tent. Please note we will use the same bedding each day, your duvet and fitted sheets will be transported with the tent, so you will have the same tent, equipment, and bedding each day.