Trying to Make a Comeback – by Mandy Norris

Life really did change for me on the 16th December 2017. The day I fell and injured my wrist. I put on weight and my confidence took a big knock. That was almost 18 months ago and in that time, I have had four operations – 3 on my wrist and hand and recently I needed knee surgery for a meniscus tear (that occurred during the Thames Path Challenge last September).  My fitness has plummeted and I get days where the voice in my head tells me to forget running, telling me that life was in the past.  Luckily, I also have another stronger stubborn voice that reminds me that I’ve overcome a lot in my life and this is just another hurdle to clear.  I’ve recently joined a gym and although its only 2 weeks since my knee surgery, I intend to return very soon and slowly build up my fitness again.  I’m not allowed to run for another month (I dare not tell my physio I attempted a run last week but had to return home as I felt pain!).

It’s so hard though if I’m being totally honest.  My facebook is filled with photos of my running friends completing their various races and I’m filled with jealously!  Not being able to run right now is killing me, its really getting me down.

So, right now I’m planning my comeback! I WILL run another 100k again this year. I have to keep telling myself that I am not returning as a beginner. Yes, I will have lost fitness but I have not forgotten my experience and knowledge.  I know how to train and how to fuel – I just need to focus on the future and not dwell on the past.  The old me was an ultra-runner, but I need to remember the even older me was an overweight couch potato.  Only I can decide what the future me is going to be like, and I guarantee that by next year, my 50th, I WILL complete a 100-mile run. Watch this space!

Next time, follow me on my come back journey and be with me as I attempt to slowly return to my beloved running.


 This is the quote that will get me through the upcoming months.